Implicit Bias

According to the Perception Institute, Implicit Bias is defined as: “Thoughts and feelings are “implicit” if we are unaware of them or mistaken about their nature. We have a bias when, rather than being neutral, we have a preference for (or aversion to) a person or...

Youth Activism Through History

Youth Activism Timeline This is a timeline of some of youth leaders who sparked the movement for change andcontributed to the civil rights movement. All of these youth fought for many of the thingswe take for granted today. They inspire and empower us to do the work...


“…We’ve created our own culinary universe…This is a universe where Aunt Jemima takes off her kerchief and sits down at the table, where Uncle Ben bows his head and blessed the food, and Rastus, the Cream of Wheat man, tells tall tales over a “taste” of whiskey. It’s...

White Privilege

Why is it important to learn about white privilege? Emmanuel Acho’s conversation with Chelsea Handler WATCH ON YOUTUBE White privilege is often a contentious issue, so why bring it up and risk retribution? For Black people, the choice to decide whether or not to...

The Journey of Becoming an Authentic Ally

Steps to Become an Ally Step #1Do some soul searching: Becoming an ally is hard work and will at times be uncomfortable and exhausting. Recognize you will be joining the fight against a system of racism that is 400 plus years old. While you don’t need to have...

Why Youth Protest: Tools to Safely Protest

Throughout history young people have been at the forefront of creating change. As a young adult it is important to discover the best way to use your voice to affect change. If you decide to use your voice to join a protest here are some important tips to remember:  ...

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Family Voices is a national organization and grassroots network of families and friends of children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities that promotes partnership with families—including those of cultural, linguistic and geographic diversity—in order to improve health care services and policies for children.

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