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Why Youth Protest: Tools to Safely Protest

Throughout history young people have been at the forefront of creating change. As a young adult it is important to discover the best way to use your voice to affect change.

A diverse group of young people march behind a banner reading 'Our Generation.'

If you decide to use your voice to join a protest here are some important tips to remember:  


Educate yourself, each march or protest has a goal. For example: spreading awareness about an issue, trying to get certain legislation passed or a physical representation of the issues occurring in a certain community and demands of the people affected


Always inform a trusted friend, a parent/caregiver where you are going. Use your cell to drop your location to them.


Staying on public property, which in most cases are the sidewalks, unless the protest organizer has a permit that allows individuals to march in the streets.


It is also important to know that you are allowed to film police officers in any public spaces, which falls within your 1st amendment right.


The possibility of protests becoming unpeaceful is always present and shutting down protests is said to be the last option for officers. If this were to occur law enforcement is required to give you time to leave and a pathway to exit.


If a march becomes unsafe, it is important to leave immediately because officers typically begin arresting individuals for trespassing after protestors refuse to leave.


Legal observers are very important at protests as well, they don’t participate in the protests, but they analyze, observe and record the behavior portrayed by police officers.


Necessary supplies include water, milk, t-shirts, food and first aid kits, it’s important to have these items in case things get dangerous.


Stay safe, use the buddy system, follow the rules and the law. Marching and protesting is important but so is your life and well-being!

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