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Project Director

Pattie Archuleta is the Project Director for the Family Engagement and Leadership in Systems of Care (FELSC) project. Prior to coming to Family Voices, she served as the Family-to-Family Health Information Center Project Coordinator at the Parents’ Place of Maryland, Family Engagement and Leadership Training Manager at Maryland Coalition of Families, and Program Chief for Title V Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at the Maryland Department of Health. Pattie has contributed to academic journals, including Epilepsia and the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, and holds a degree in Communications from Prescott College. She is excited to bring her public health expertise to a national platform.

Pattie is the proud parent of a young adult son with autism spectrum disorder and a history of intractable epilepsy which was successfully treated with the ketogenic diet. Years of advocacy on behalf of her own child while living in rural Arizona led to advocacy on behalf of others, leadership and empowerment training for families, and finally to a passion for systems change. She has worked for over two decades on local, state, and national initiatives to develop, implement, and manage programs focused on raising family voice and aimed at improving systems of care for children and youth with behavioral and/or special health care needs. These efforts include a gubernatorial appointment to the Maryland State Autism Workgroup and serving as an advisor to the American Academy of Pediatrics Coordinating Center on Epilepsy as well as the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Epilepsy Center.

Pattie lives in Maryland and enjoys spending time with her family, being in nature, and making art.

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