The year 2020 has changed many things, and how we operate in the world around us. One of the biggest changes, has been in the area of healthcare, and the shift to more services being delivered through telehealth or telemedicine. Families across the country have had to learn how to navigate these new platforms and have discussions with their providers in new ways, about new challenges. For those with CYSHCN, the COVID- 19 pandemic has led to even more barriers and need to access care in a safe, socially distant way.

Family Voices has created a two part tool, a checklist and worksheet, to help prepare for telehealth visits.  Broken down by “Before, During, and After” with spaces for questions and notes, the documents help guide each appointment and provide clear follow up steps.  Please share with your networks, and let us know if you find this helpful, or how you adapt it for your needs.

Download the Checklist Download the Worksheet