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Project Director

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Lisa Maynes spends a majority of her time at Family Voices on the Leadership in Family and Professional Partnerships grant. LFPP provides technical assistance, support, and training to the 51 statewide Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2Fs) in all 50 states and DC. Lisa was the Family to Family Project Director in Vermont for seven years prior to coming to Family Voices.

Lisa earned her Master’s Degree in Leadership in Education and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont in 2012. She is the parent of two adult children, one of whom has the diagnosis of a rare form of leukodystrophy who is thriving despite the odds.  As a sibling, her daughter experienced significant mental health challenges in her teen years and now is a busy mother of two. Upon becoming a parent of a child with a special health care need, Lisa left her career when he was six months old and worked as a medical transcriptionist from home for ten years so she could be with him when he needed. As a young adult he has grown stronger, giving Lisa the opportunity to return to work full time.

Her work history includes writing and overseeing grant execution, supervision of staff including several who are former refugees from Somalia, Bhutan, and other countries. She enjoys learning about the different cultures and continues to develop her skills in this area. Lisa also is a graduate from the Vermont LEND program (Leadership in Education and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), a former president of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council, and worked several years on the Vermont UCEDD on a curriculum project on disability.

When not working Lisa can often be found peddling one of her bikes, or paddling in her kayak. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, and travelling as well as relaxing at home and cooking a delicious meal.


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