Greetings from Washington, DC

In this Update:

  • The administration has issued an interim final rule weakening the “Maintenance of Effort” requirement that states must meet to receive an enhanced Medicaid match during the COVID Public Health Emergency. States may now reduce beneficiary benefits and increase cost-sharing during the pandemic.
  • The above-mentioned interim final rule also ensures that vaccines will be administered with no cost to consumers, regardless of their insurance type or status. There has been much discussion about the approval of a vaccine for COVID-19, and how it will be distributed.
  • Efforts to enact a COVID-relief package before the election failed, but it is possible that a deal can be reached in the “lame duck” session after the election.
  • The Senate confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court. She has been sworn in and is ready to consider cases. Oral argument in the Affordable Care Act case is scheduled for November 10.
  • ACA open enrollment season begins November 1, and there are links in this Update to some new resources to help consumers.

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