The big issues in DC right now are:
  • FDA authorization for emergency use of coronavirus vaccines – On Thursday, an FDA advisory committee recommended that the FDA grant “emergency use authorization” (EUA) of the vaccine developed by Pfizer for individuals age 16 and above. Next steps: the FDA decision about whether to grant the EUA; CDC recommendations for use of the vaccine; federal delivery of the vaccine to states; administration of the vaccine to those in the highest-priority categories as determined by each state, territory, and tribe.
  • COVID-relief legislation – The two houses of Congress and the White House are negotiating on a package to provide assistance to individuals and businesses; there is no agreement yet on whether to provide assistance to states and localities, among other issues.
  • Surprise billing legislation – A bipartisan, House-Senate agreement has been reached on how to protect consumers from surprise medical bills, and will likely be included in a year-end appropriations/COVID-relief bill.
  • Regulations and guidance – The administration has issued and proposed regulations and guidance that would curtail Medicaid benefits and make it more difficult to administer Medicaid and other health programs.
  • Supreme Court decision to take up case about waivers for establishing work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • President-Elect Biden’s selections for positions in his administration.

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