From the Administration on Community Living (ACL):
Learn more about ACL’s Business Acumen Initiative. Medicaid, Medicare, Accountable Care Organizations, private insurers, and other private pay models offer opportunities for community-based organizations to tap into new revenue streams outside of government grants. However, securing contracts with such payers – and performing effectively under them – requires thinking and operating differently. The Business Acumen Initiative can help states and community-based organizations build networks and respond to delivery system changes, including technical assistance, building business capacity for successful contracting with integrated care entities, and developing pathways to sustainability.

From the CDC:
Tools for Cross-Cultural Communication and Language Access Can Help Organizations Address Health Literacy and Improve Communication Effectiveness. This webpage includes links to many materials, such as the “Primer: Cultural Competency and Health Literacy” from the University of Maryland School of Public Health, which provides teaching tools to deliver culturally appropriate healthcare services to diverse populations.

From Partner Organizations:
Psychosocial Factors in Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and Their Families
(American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report, published in Pediatrics, January 2019). The purpose of this clinical report is to raise awareness of the impact of psychosocial factors on the health and wellness of CYSHCN and their families, and to provide guidance for pediatric providers to facilitate and coordinate care for the benefit of these children and families.

New Resources Added to the National Standards for CYSHCN Toolkit
The National Academy for State Health Policy and the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs have added new resources to the National Standards for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Toolkit.

State Strategies for Promoting Children’s Preventive Services – updated
The National Academy for State Health Policy has updated maps and an accompanying chart featuring state-specific Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program improvement projects, measures, and incentives that promote children’s preventive services.

State Maternal and Child Health Legislation Database
The National Conference of State Legislatures’ Maternal and Child Health Database tracks enacted state laws on 14 different topics that affect the health and well-being of U.S. mothers and children. You can search legislation by state, topic, keyword or year.

State Efforts to Protect Consumers from Balance Billing
(Blog of the Georgetown Center on Health Insurance Reforms, 1/22/19)

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