Proposed Changes to Medicaid Managed Care Rule Will Reduce Access to Providers
(Blog of the Georgetown Center on Children and Families, 12/6/18) – short

Inside the Trump Administration’s Proposed Medicaid Managed Care Rule
(Health Affairs blog, 12/5/18) – long

Transforming Care Delivery and Payment for Children with Medical Complexity
(Health Affairs blog, guest post by Mark Wietecha, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Association, 12/6/18)

CMS Posts New Medicaid and CHIP Application Processing Time Report
(Blog of the Georgetown Center on Children and Families, 12/10/18)

Medicaid Waivers

Florida  – Shorter Retroactive Coverage
CMS has approved Florida’s request to waive the normal 90-day retroactive coverage period for Medicaid and instead provide coverage retroactively for only 30 days before Medicaid eligibility begins. The shorter period will apply to all adults 21 and older, except pregnant women, including those seeking long-term care services. The new policy will go into effect February 1 and remain in place until June 30 unless state lawmakers vote to extend it. See Florida Gets Federal Approval to Trim Retroactive Eligibility for Medicaid (Miami Herald, 12/3/18)

Arkansas Moves to Simplify New Medicaid Work Requirement Program
(CNN 12/12/18)
Medicaid beneficiaries will be able to report their community-engagement hours by phone instead of computer only, and the state will provide public education about how to report hours.

Virginia: Virginia’s 1115 waiver proposal, which includes a work requirement, premiums, and other provisions, is open for federal comment until January 6, 2019. If the waiver is approved, beneficiaries will initially be required to work 20 hours per month, increasing to 80 hours per month after one year. Failure to comply with the requirements will result in suspension of Medicaid benefits. The state proposes including a number of exemptions and exceptions. The state will also require eligible beneficiaries with incomes 100 to 138 percent of the federal poverty level to pay monthly premiums. The premium amount will be based on a sliding income scale. Beneficiaries will make monthly premium payments of $5 to $10.
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