Dear F2Fs and AOs,

One of Family Voices values is the inclusion of, and connection with, families representing the cultural, linguistic, and geographic diversity of the population.  Help us increase participation of diverse families at the 2021 Family Voices Leadership Conference

Please consider 1 or 2 families that you can reach out to, and individually invite them to this conference.  We are very pleased to offer conference information in Spanish this year, including the registration form and Spanish interpretation for all sessions.  This is our first time offering this for our national conference, and we look forward to getting feedback and input after the conference to improve for our next conference –for both Spanish-speakers and other diverse participants.

We appreciate your direct outreach to a few families that you think could benefit from participation in our conference.  Embedded below are English and Spanish versions of a simple flyer for sharing.  Remember that scholarships are available (English request form | Spanish request form).  If you are reaching out to a family who is earlier on in their journey, we recommend that you point out specific sessions that may be of interest to the family, and help them with the scholarship form if needed.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Many thanks for your help!

Nora Wells, Family Voices Executive Director



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With families at the center of health care, all children and youth reach their full potential and health disparities are eliminated.

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Family Voices is a national organization and grassroots network of families and friends of children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities that promotes partnership with families—including those of cultural, linguistic and geographic diversity—in order to improve health care services and policies for children.

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