Washington Update, March 27, 2020

It won’t be a surprise that this issue of the Update is devoted to the coronavirus pandemic. As of this writing, two federal coronavirus-related bills have been enacted, and a third is (hopefully) close to enactment. It is expected that there will be more legislation...

Washington Update, March 13, 2020

Greetings from Washington, DC! This issue of the Update is devoted in large part to coronavirus-related policy and information, including information about insurance coverage for testing and treatment for COVID-19, the illness that results from the virus. Top line...

Washington Update, March 5, 2020

In the Update this week: The Supreme Court has decided that it will hear oral arguments in the ACA case during next year’s term, which begins in October 2020. A decision is not likely to be rendered until the following spring. The novel coronavirus of 2019 is taking...

Washington Update, February 26, 2020

In the Update this week: The “public charge” rule went into effect nationwide on February 24. Resources for families are provided below. Congress is still working on legislation to address surprise medical bills and prescription drug prices. The Kaiser Family...

Washington Update, February 19, 2020

In the Update this week: A federal court of appeals upheld the district court’s decision to invalidate the waiver granted to Arkansas that would have allowed the state to implement work requirements as a condition of Medicaid eligibility. The Supreme Court indicated...

Washington Update, February 13, 2020

In the Update this week: The president released his proposed FY 2021 budget. It proposes significant cuts to Medicaid and some other health programs, but is considered “dead on arrival” in Congress. A House committee approved another version of legislation to address...

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