Open Enrollment See the end of this Update for resources to help assisters and consumers.

REMEMBER: 2019 Open Enrollment runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15, 2018.

Important message from HHS regarding Find Local Help

Assisters are encouraged to ensure their listings on Find Local Help are accurate in preparation for Open Enrollment, which begins on November 1st. A Quick Reference Guide for Assisters on how to access and update listings on Find Local Help using the Upkeep Tool can be found here.

Some Information for Consumers:


Effect of Recently Announced Administrative Policies on the Sale of Health Insurance
As reported in last week’s Update, the administration issued a proposed rule that would allow small employers to offer reimbursement for employees to purchase individual insurance plans, which could boost the sale of individual policies in ACA marketplaces. Also last week, the administration established new guidance that will let states more easily get waivers to permit the sale of insurance policies that are less robust than those otherwise required under the Affordable Care Act. A recent article explains how new policies could have opposite effects on the health insurance marketplace: With One Hand, Administration Boosts ACA Marketplaces, Weakens Them with Another (Kaiser Health News, 10/30/18).

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