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Family Voices (FELSC) Family Engagement and Leadership in Systems of Care is pleased to offer an opportunity for F2Fs/AOs to apply for peer-to-peer technical assistance to take place February through May 2024.   

The goal of this opportunity is to provide funds for F2Fs to meet with another F2F to learn about an element of how that site operates and/or learn about specific topics, initiatives, or approaches in an area of need for the F2F seeking peer-to-peer support.  

Peer-to-peer assistance may include: 

  • Virtual or in-person meetings between the F2F/AO seeking support and another F2F/AO that can provide support
  • Sharing tools or other resources on identified needs like organizational development, grant management, program development and implementation, etc.
  • Opportunity to invite partners, such as your state Title V representative, to peer-to-peer TA meetings as needed
  • Combined peer assistance: F2Fs/AOs seeking the same types of support may be grouped in virtual peer-to-peer meetings to allow more teams to collaborate.

Application and Funding Details

Apply Here
  1. F2Fs/AOs seeking peer-to-peer assistance should submit an online application with their detailed support request (Application Link). The FELSC TA team will match accepted applications with an F2F/AO host that can provide the requested support.
  2. The FELSC team will review all applications and make decisions based on available funding and priority needs. If funded, TA will be scheduled between February and May 2024,
  3. FELSC funding can provide up to $1,500 per match – $1,000 for the mentor site and $500 for the applicant / mentee site. Funding may be used for video conferencing technology, staff time, and materials.
  4. We encourage you to seek additional funding from other partners (local civic groups, Councils on Developmental Disabilities, foundations, etc.) to supplement your costs or to allow additional staff to participate in this initiative.


  1. Ongoing until 5/31/24: Individual assistance and TA for F2Fs/AOs that may be interested in applying for peer-to-peer TA but have questions. Please reach out to Melanie Lindsay at
  2. February 2: Application due
  3. February 16: Notification of award
  4. February 16 through May 31: Virtual or in-person peer-to-peer TA

For More Information

Contact Melanie Lindsay, FELSC Project Coordinator, at with questions.

F2F Peer to Peer Assistance Opportunity

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