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Project Coordinator

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Griselle Vanessa Rodriguez a Project Coordinator at Family Voices works on various projects across the organization. Over the past six years, she has worked at Delaware Family Voices connecting families of children with special health care needs with emotional support, services, and information. Having a child diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome, Congestive Heart Failure and ASD has made her an enthusiastic advocate for family engagement and partnership with professionals while navigating the systems and services for the well-being of their children. Her on-the-ground advocacy with families gives Ms. Rodriguez a unique perspective on how families access care and potential barriers that may impede access and impact health outcomes. Ms. Rodriguez has over eight years of experience working with the Hispanic and Latino communities, promoting community engagement by supporting emerging leaders through training, mentorship, and advocacy. She is also working to complete her studies in Science in Leadership & Ministry, to fulfill her theological and pastoral ministerial achievements, which will further her ability to serve and support hard to reach and underserved communities.