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  • Source: Family Voices
  • Date: 10/23/2014

Family leaders shared resources and activities for helping families and professionals understand and navigate the ACA: Speakers: Jennifer Akers of Family Voices Indiana highlighted resources created by Family Voices of Indiana, including an online ACA guide, and information dissemination strategies; Debbie Gilbert and Sondra Gilbert of the Kentucky F2F, Kentucky Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, shared their experience serving as enrollment assistors, or Kynectors, for children and families. Faye Manaster, Family Voices of Illinois, shared information about their annual Update on Health Care Reform for Children with Special Needs conference, now in its 6th year. Beth Dworetzky of the Catalyst Center and Janis Guerney, Family Voices Policy Co-Director, shared any relevant trend updates and responded to  participating F2Fs (presenters and participants) about what’s going on for F2Fs and families related to health care reform.

  • Keywords: ACA, health care reform, webinar

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