Assessing Family Engagement

Child- and family-serving systems of care should be engaging families at all levels, including in direct services delivered at the individual level, and at the systems-level where policies, practices, and services are created or amended.
Family Voices has developed tools to assess family engagement at both the systems-level (the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool) and the individual-level (the Family-Centered Care Assessment).

Family-Centered Care Assessment (FCCA)

Family Voices developed the FCCA-F questionnaire by working with families, health researchers, pediatric providers and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) professionals. The 24 questions measure how family caregivers feel about the care their child receives from a health care provider.
The FCCA-F is validated for use in outpatient care settings, with families of children with special health care needs. This means it can be used with all families who have an established relationship with the health care provider; it should not be used for a single visit with a provider.

Contact Clarissa Hoover at for questions or technical assistance in use of the FCCA-F and other family-centered care resources listed below.

*The validation study of the FCCA-F was published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal and is available open access: Wells et al. 2015

Family-Centered Care (FCC) Self-Assessment

The FCCA-F was based on an older set of family-centered care (FCC) self-assessments that Family Voices released in 2008. Family Voices still gets regular requests for these resources, which are longer and more comprehensive than the FCCA-F, including questions on transition to adulthood and a version that is designed to be completed by healthcare providers.
The three resources below are the original Family Voices FCC Self-Assessment Tools.

FCC Self-Assessment Tool
for Families

The FCC Self-Assessment for Families is written from the point-of-view of a family caregiver to a child or youth with special health care needs and includes 98 questions covering 15 topics relating to family-centered care.

FCC Self-Assessment Tool
User’s Guide

FCC Self-Assessment Tool
for Providers

The FCC Self-Assessment for Providers is written from the point-of-view of a health care provider to a child or youth with special health care needs and includes 105 questions covering 15 topics relating to family-centered care.

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