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Executive Director, Family Voices Colorado

Thomas D. Rose is the Executive Director of Family Voices Colorado, a community-based nonprofit organization that strives to make Colorado a better place for families of children with special healthcare needs.  Mr. Rose is responsible for all organizational activities, including the Family-to-Family Health Information Center in Colorado, hospital-based Family Navigators who provide support for more than 5,000 families each year, all policy and advocacy activities including the State Medicaid Provider Rate Review Committee, and the Regional Transportation District’s Advisory Council for Disabilities.

Mr. Rose has more than 25 years of leadership experience in management positions for healthcare-related service organizations.  Prior to coming to Family Voices Colorado, Mr. Rose was Executive Director of Summit Prevention Alliance, a Colorado nonprofit organization that provided community education and prevention programs focused on improving the health status of the community, Summit Prevention Alliance was awarded “Non Profit of the Year” in 2007.  Mr. Rose also has a background working in the fields of mental health and neurology, and early in his career served on the management team responsible for more than a dozen mental health facilities spread throughout six western states.

Mr. Rose currently serves on more than a dozen Colorado boards, commissions, task forces, and committees focused on healthcare for children with special health care needs and their families.  Mr. Rose is focused on maintaining benefits and services for families who have family member with special healthcare needs, promoting efforts to advance family and person-centered care for families, and addressing health policies that create barriers for families.

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Our Vision

With families at the center of health care, all children and youth reach their full potential and health disparities are eliminated.

Our Mission

Family Voices is a national organization and grassroots network of families and friends of children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities that promotes partnership with families—including those of cultural, linguistic and geographic diversity—in order to improve health care services and policies for children.

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