Assessing Family Engagement

Child- and family-serving systems of care should be engaging families at all levels, including in direct services delivered at the individual level, and at the systems-level where policies, practices, and services are created or amended.
Family Voices has developed tools to assess family engagement at both the systems-level (the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool) and the individual-level (the Family-Centered Care Assessment).

The Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tools

Family Voices developed the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT) and Family Engagement in Systems (FES) Toolkit to plan, assess, and improve family engagement in policies, practices, QI initiatives, and other systems-level initiatives.

The Family-Centered Care Assessment Tool (FCCA)

Family Voices developed the Family-Centered Care Assessment for Families (FCCA-F) for assessing the delivery of family-centered care in outpatient settings.

A Presentation from the 2020 Virtual Family Engagement Convening:

Assessing Family Engagement in Individual & Systems-level Initiatives

Family Voices presents two assessment tools – the Family-Centered Care Assessment Tool (FCCA) and the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT). Using actual examples, you will hear from states about how they have used these tools to support, enhance and promote meaningful and sustainable family engagement.