Child Developmental Passport

The Child Developmental Passport includes:

  • Definitions of Developmental Monitoring and Screening
  • Well-Child Visit Tracker to track child’s height, weight, immunizations, etc.,
  • Developmental Tracker to track child’s developmental and/or autism screening information including results and referrals for follow-up
  • Notes Section to make notes related to child’s growth and development
  • Contact information for NJ Early Intervention, Project Child Find, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), and Help Me Grow NJ’s Central Phone Line

This booklet has been adapted from the CDC Learn the Signs. Act Early. materials, with the support from
the following organizations: SPAN Parent Advocacy Network, New Jersey Department of Children and Families, ECCS COIIN, Help Me Grow New Jersey, and the Division of Family and Community Partnerships.

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Education Rights of Immigrant Students & Families

“The purpose of the booklet is to educate immigrant parents about state and federal laws guaranteeing them access to public school services and materials in their home languages. Excerpts from these laws are quoted in the first section along with helpful summaries of what this legal terminology means for parents. Some of the laws described are not directly related to language access but contain important information that immigrant parents need to know.”

This toolkit was made possible by “A Voice for Immigrant Children,” a project of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network funded by the Schumann Foundation.
Portions of this toolkit were adapted from the presentation “Ensuring Effective Services to Immigrant &/or LEP/ELL Children & Families: It’s Right, & It’s the Law!” © Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

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Growing Your Capacity to Engage Diverse Communities by working with Community Liaisons and Cultural Brokers

The purpose of this booklet is to provide information about one approach to family and community engagement – working with community liaisons and cultural brokers. This booklet is grounded in the knowledge and experiences of the Family Voices network* and family leaders around the country who have shared what they have learned in their efforts to serve the full range of families of children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities.

  • Source: Family Voices

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