Cara Coleman

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Director of Public Policy and Advocacy



Cara is a self-described “Jill of all Trades” who works across various projects for Family Voices. She got started in healthcare advocacy to make sense of the experiences her family was having navigating the many systems with Justice, her daughter, and to begin to make inroads into the glaring gaps, silos, and fragments they encountered along the way. While life was overwhelming just in the navigating, it made no sense not take the “old” skills from past training and experience and not use it to help her family and countless others. Cara currently works for Family Voices, the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care, and as an Instructor of Pediatrics at VCU School of Medicine INOVA Campus. In the past she worked as an adult health specialist, a case manager for homeless pregnant women, a counselor in a shelter for battered women, a law clerk for a Judge, immigration subject matter consultant, and an attorney serving low-income immigrants.